Nutraceutical uses for real wasabi

Wasabi produces a suite of biomedically active molecules called isothiocyanates. These compounds assist our healthy living through their actions as: antibiotics, anti-cancer agents, anti-inflammation agents and protection from neuro-degeneration (see Science & Biomedical page for more details). Other biomolecules of Wasabi have also been related to bone calcification. These claims are all backed up by scientific literature. Pacific Coast Wasabi Ltd is now supplying its freeze-dried Wasabi (Wasabia japonica) to herbal dietary supplement manufacturers.

Freeze Dry Wasabia japonica

Pacific Coast Wasabi uses only the rhizomes grown by its contract growers thus insuring that we are using the purest, highest quality, WasabiS available. Because our company is the grower of our product, we are able to control the quality from seed to harvest. In this way we can pay attention to every detail and ensure product uniformity. We use fresh rhizomes of highest quality and process them immediately to ensure maximum potency and results to you the consumer. Our freeze dry method allows for optimal potency of the biomedically active compounds of Wasabia japonica.

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